I made about 2 weeks ago .mrb file preprocessor based on info in internet. But i have less and less time do do something i like.

I have initial stuff ready.
contains some .mrb files binary and source of paq8. On vcfiu.hlp it fails but on single files that are in above mentioned path(taken form vcfiu.hlp) it dose not fail. Code may not be as good as it should be.

But if someone else can take this and make it work better and add LZ part to it then it is nice.

Made some test on files in ./testcrap/ and times are about 4x slower but compression is only ~3% better.

One result:
paq8 -0 vcfiu.hlp.bm128.mrb 15044 -> MRBFILE 144339 Time 0.23 sec, used 600285 bytes of memory
paq8o8.exe -3 vcfiu.hlp.bm128.mrb.paq8o8mrb 144339 -> 2178 Time 5.14 sec, used 55767864 bytes of memory
paq8o8.exe -3 vcfiu.hlp.bm128.mrb 15044 -> 2255 Time 0.93 sec, used 55767885 bytes of memory

Use files on SVN only for testing. Not for sites like maximumcompression etc...