Hello everyone,

maybe I have missed something, but did _you_ notice that a BETA of InfoZip's version 3.0 had been released?
Besides that: they have changed their download-site -> http://sourceforge.net/projects/infozip/

Partly quoting from it's readme.txt:


Multi-volume support. This version does not support multi-volume spanned
archives as in pkzip 2.04g, and there is no intention at this point to support
spanned archives, but version 3.0 supports split archives. A split archive
is an archive split into a set of files, each file a piece of the archive
and each file using an extension, such as .z02 as in the file name archive.z02,
that provides the order of the splits. In contrast, a spanned archive is the
original multi-floppy archive supported by pkzip 2.0g and where the split order
is contained in the volume labels. The contents of split and spanned archives
are mostly identical and there is a simple procedure to convert between the
formats. Many current unzips now support split archives.

Zip64 support. This version supports Zip64 archives as described in the
PKWare AppNote. These archives use additional fields to support archives
greater than 2 GB and files in archives over the 2 GB previous limit (4 GB
on some ports). The Zip64 format also allows more than 64k entries in an
archive. Use of Zip64 is automatic and the Zip64 fields will only be used
if needed. A Zip64 archive requires a pkzip 4.5 compatible unzip.

Unicode support. This version has initial Unicode support using a set of
new UTF-8 extra fields. This allows names of files to be accurately recreated
on OS with sufficient character support. On Win32, if wide character calls
are supported (not Win 9x unless support has been added) all files should now
be readable by zip. Also, PKWare has defined a new UTF-8 bit for flagging
the storage of UTF-8 in the entry File Name and Comment fields, and this is
automatically set as needed on systems where UTF-8 is the current character
set. Currently only Unicode paths are supported, not Unicode comments.
Unicode should be further addressed in a later release.

16-bit OS support. Though Zip 3.0 is being designed to support the latest
zip standards and modern OS, some effort has been made to maintain some
support for older and smaller systems. If you find Zip 3.0 does not fit on
or otherwise does not work well on a particular OS, send in the details
and we might be able to help.

Compression methods. In addition to the standard store and deflate methods,
zip now can support the bzip2 compression format using the bzip2 library.
End of partial-quoting