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Thread: Ideas for PIM

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    Hi all. If the author is looking for a Dutch translation of PIM, contact me! I've been using PIM for a few weeks and I seem to love it
    I've been a software translator for quite a time, but Dutch isn't enough, a lot of more languages should be availible as well as a .chm help file (optionally downloadable), shell intergration and PIM SFX creation, that would be perfect

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    All mentioned features I'll put in my TODO list.

    Currently, like I said, I'm working on base or "basement". PIM should be reliable, efficient - the quality of work, not quantity of features. Step-by-step I'll add a new functionality. For example, PIM 2.02 has "open a file inside an archive" feature, which really make sense. But first of all, I rewrote the entire program, got rid of some hidden bugs, make many optimizations...

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