BIT Archiver has started for compressing game binaries. In BIT 0.1, ROLZ based schema was used which is derived from QUAD. In past, I want to make only one compressing method in BIT. But today, BIT Archiver becomes a universal archiver step by step. After understanding that there is no universal compressor/model for all kind of data, I've decided to add couple of codecs besides couple of preprocessing for specific file types in future versions.

In this prerelease, only LWCX mode is working. There is no preprocessing currently. Here is the LWCX details:

- Order 0-4, 6 context mixer based on Neural Networks
- 2D dimensional SSE with 32 vertex
- Semi-Stationary bit modelling (SSE functions have different modelling)
- Nibble based hashed context

As you see, this is kind of reinventing the wheel. By doing this, I have learned lots of thing about context mixing (of course there are still lots of thing, too). I want to add only a few well-tuned submodels to it such as match model and sparse model.

I hope you like it and I hope it hasn't any fatal error