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Thread: WinRar v3.70 final released!

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    WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

    Version 3.70

    1. Numerous Windows Vista compatibility changes:

    a) help format changed from old HLP to newer HTML based CHM;

    b) GUI self-extracting modules attempt to request for
    administrator permissions if they cannot create destination
    folder under current user account;

    c) Log file rar.log and WinRAR theme files are stored
    in %APPDATA%WinRAR folder instead of WinRAR program files folder.

    Exported settings file settings.reg is also stored
    in %APPDATA%WinRAR folder by default, but it is possible to
    select another folder in "Save WinRAR settings" and "Load WinRAR
    settings" dialogs.

    WinRAR searches for registration key and settings.reg
    both in its program files folder and in %APPDATA%WinRAR;

    It is possible to set the string value "AppData" in Registry key
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWinRARPaths to override the default
    %appdata%WinRAR path for WinRAR settings.

    For example, if you wish to store theme files in WinRAR folder,
    set this value to "c:Program FilesWinRAR".

    d) Vista compatibility changes in WinRAR shell integration;

    e) New "Request administrative access" option in "Advanced" page
    of "Advanced SFX options" allows to create SFX archive,
    which will request the administrative access when started
    in Windows Vista.

    Command line equivalent of this option is -iadm switch.

    2. Added support for ISO 13346 (UDF) file format. This format
    is frequently used in ISO images of DVD disks.

    3. Added Unicode support for ISO 9660 files, so WinRAR should
    handle non-English file names in .iso files better.

    4. Design changes in window displaying archiving and extraction

    a) it provides more space for file names, allowing lengthy names;

    b) it displays the current archive name in separate line,
    allowing much longer archive names than before;

    c) when archiving, it displays the current compression ratio
    in separate line;

    d) it can use both standard Windows and classic WinRAR progress bars.
    Turn on "Windows progress bars" option in WinRAR "Settings/General"
    dialog to use standard progress bars. By default this option is
    on if some Windows visual style is active and off if Windows Classic
    theme is selected.

    Windows progress bars are two color only, so they do not indicate
    the current compression ratio. But now the ratio is displayed
    in separate line;

    e) "Mode..." button moved to bottom of window.

    5. GUI self-extracting modules support following command line

    -d set the destination path
    -p specify a password
    -s silent mode, hide all
    -s1 same as -s
    -s2 silent mode, hide start dialog
    -sp specify parameters for setup program

    6. GUI self-extracting modules do not pass the entire command line
    to setup program like they did in previous versions.
    If you need to get access to entire command line of SFX archive,
    parse sfxcmd environment variable which contains this command line.

    7. New switch -sc[objects] allowing to select character
    sets for archive comments and list files. It replaces -fcu switch
    introduced in RAR 3.60, which was removed from list of supported
    switches. Now you need to specify -scuc instead of -fcu to use
    Unicode comments. Unlike -fcu, -sc also supports OEM and ANSI charset.

    8. New "Save archive copy as..." command in "File" menu.
    This command may be useful if you opened an archive from Internet
    directly in WinRAR and then decided to save it on local disk.

    9. "Word wrap" command added to "View" menu of WinRAR internal viewer,
    so you can change the wrapping mode of already opened viewer window.

    State of this option is not stored between viewing sessions.
    If you need to change the default word wrap mode, use WinRAR
    "Settings/Viewer" dialog.

    10. Buttons "Up" and "Down" added to "Organize profiles" dialog.
    Using these buttons you can change position of selected profile
    in the list.

    11. Operation progress is displayed when adding the recovery record.

    12. If WinRAR is minimized to tray and mouse is over its icon,
    WinRAR diplays a message about the current operation progress.
    In previous versions it included only percent done, now it also
    contains the time left information.

    13. Console RAR displays "Calculating the control sum" message
    when calculating CRC32 control sum for newly created RAR volume.
    Previous versions also calculated the volume control sum,
    but did it silently.

    14. Archives history list in "File" menu allows Unicode names,
    providing more reliable support for non-English archive names.

    15. Stack overflow vulnerability has been corrected in password
    processing module of console RAR and UnRAR. GUI WinRAR is not
    affected. We are thankful to the iDEFENSE LABS for reporting this bug.

    Download WinRar v3.70

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    Nice release.
    Many mixed usability enhancements, many Vista-related updates, but above all I like the improvements in sfx creation (even if i tend to use sfx seldom).

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    Cool Thanks LovePimple!

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