First, please forgive me if my questions are useless or have already being discussed.

I recently discovered this very interesting forum and its wonderful programs and hackers. As my topic says, I'm just a user, tester perhaps, of these tools, finding their performances astonishing, especially CCM for compression and QuickLZ/LZPM for speed.

My (simple) questions are : are the algorithms behind all these programs multi-thread/multi-core adaptable? If so, can we see big improvements due to multi-threading in the near future?

Why do I ask these ? Because, here at work, we recently receive a new computer, dedicated to compile our software. Quite a monster, even for our needs, it's a quad Opteron 8220SE, 8GB of RAM, running RHEL4. Using pbzip2 with default settings, compression of enwik8 takes less than 4 seconds! Less than 50 seconds for enwik9!

I don't think that QuickLZ, THOR, LZPM, etc can go faster, limited by I/Os, but having CCM or QUAD running at today's QuickLZ speed for example... as it seems that future is massively multi-core oriented.

I don't want to bother you any longer. Have a nice day!


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