Okay, what I've done with this version:

One of the most important things is changes with Normal mode. Now QUAD with Normal mode becomes faster and at the same time has higher compression. I hope with this new Normal mode QUAD can really outperform Fast LZMA not only in terms of compression ratio, but in speed also.

With Max mode QUAD is also now has a higher compression, at the same time operating at slightly higher speeds.

Although for myself I call this version some kind of final, this shouldn't be the end of the story. While working on QUAD 1.11 I tried lots of different 'optimal' parsing schemes, including pricing schemes and some kind of dynamic programming approach. Anyway, current improved weighed flexible parsing scheme shows the best results so far. However, I believe that future improvements are still possible. But here we must run more tests and probably someday more experienced with Optimal Parsing people like Malcolm Taylor or Igor Pavlov will bring some ideas...

Anyway, for now, I'm very curious about results of QUAD 1.11, especially speed test at Ultimate Command Line Compressors and MFC. However, looks like Werner Bergmans was kidnapped by aliens...
In addition, I'm very curious about compression speed of QUAD with BOTH modes at Large Text Benchmark.

P. S.
Matt, if you hear me, please email me an AMD64 binary of QUAD, of course when you get some spare time! Thank you!