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    Download links for latest version:

    BigCrunch_0.4_RC1_CD.7z is here :

    BigCrunch_0.4_RC1_CD.tar.gz is here :

    BigCrunch_0.4_RC1_src.tar is here :

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    The text below was copied from the 7-Zip forum: 591198&forum_id=45797

    NOTE : there is now no solid compression. You can "simulate" solid compression by first compressing with -m0 option, then recompressing with -m3.

    NOTE : although it's called RC1, it's really an early beta version with bugs and so on. DO NOT USE IT for non saved data.

    Here are the main options of BigCrunch (try to guess what the others are for, if they are implemented)
    BigCrunch.exe <a|x|r|l|c|t> [-<o|u><archive[.bc]>] [-cX] [-s<w|l|b|m>] [-m<0..3|x>] [-a] [-k] [-<v|q||d<0..6>>] [-l<archive[.log]>] [-b] [-e] [-x<0..2>] fichier1[fichier2[...]]
    a : add to archive
    x : extract archive
    r : remove from archive
    l : list files in archive
    c : convert archive
    t : test archive
    -o<archive[.bc]> : write into archive
    -u<archive[.bc]> : update archive
    -cX : split in volumes of X kio at most (Not Implemented)
    -sX : create a self-extractible archive for the X platform
    -mX : use the X mode
    -a : look for duplicates (Not Implemented)
    -k : force compression (despite errors)
    -v : show details (alias of -d6)
    -q : hide details (alias of -d0)
    -dX : X level of details
    -l<archive[.log]> : write logs
    -b : play sound after process
    -e : delete files after adding to archive
    -xX : do action X when files already exist
    #Platforms (x86 only)
    w : Win32
    l : Linux
    b : BSD (Not implemented)
    m : MacOs
    0 : no compression
    1 : fast compression (Not Implemented)
    2 : normal compression
    3 : good compression (default)
    x : best compression (slow)
    #Levels of details
    0 : no details
    1 : show progression
    2 : -d1 + final report
    3 : -d2 + intermediate reports
    4 : -d3 + running percentage (default)
    5 : -d4 + advanced details (Not implemented)
    6 : -d5 + developer details
    0 : do not extract
    1 : rename (default)
    2 : overwrite

    WARNING ! : if you try to compress TGA pictures that are already compressed with RLE, BigCrunch will decompress them then recompress with its own algorithm. At decompression time, pictures are recompressed with internal RLE which is not always exactly the same than the original. Don't worry, there is absolutly no loss of information. At worst you have a smaller picture as BigCrunch's RLE is optimal.

    WARNING (2): folders recursion is desactivated.

    LICENCE : I have no time to write a licence. Feel free to modify BigCrunch source code for your own usage or to submit me ideas. Please do not redistribute BigCrunch, as it's not designed to be used (it's from a security point of view rather than from a licence one). If you have any question, you can mail me at "roquet_j -at- epita -dot- fr".

    Do not expect a newer version soon, I really don't have time this year.

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