I realize there is only a slim chance, but...

You all know of Boa Constrictor archiver v0.58b, which is readily available on the net, including the SAC pack collection.

But does anyone have a copy of the *older* version 0.50?

Why? It compressed better than the latter -- and final -- version 0.58b.

It seems that the author, Ian Sutton, tweaked the engine for better speed performance but it lost compression ratio in the meantime.

Yes, I tried to contact Ian via email -- with every email address I could find on the net, but no luck. He's probably out of the compression scene by now.

And, while we're on the subject of Ian Sutton, he also authored another experimental archiver (using BWT+Arithmetic) called "Arc". It was released in June 1999. I've been unable to find that one, either. Anyone have a copy?

LovePimple!, from what I've read of your posts, you seem like someone who might have a large collection of old compressors/archivers. Any info/sightings of these old archivers?

Thanks all.