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Thread: KGB archiver

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    It's funny, but this archiver is still haven't any archive integrity checking. Simply modify the KGB archive in any HexEditor and try to decompress this 'valid' archive. KGB says all okay, and extracts a tons of garbage...

    Also, now KGB have a top ten of donators!

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    KGB gained a lot of popularity thanks to Microsoft

    You can search in google for "extremely compressed" "Microsoft Office 2006" if you want to know

    more details...

    Of course, the archive was not extremely compressed but extremely corrupted

    The only good thing about KGB is that you can extract the archive with PAQ6v2 if you change the

    first bytes from KGB_ARCH to PAQ6 (unless the archive is encrypted or the format was changed

    since the last time that I install the program).

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    Thanks for the warning!

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