Because of .zipx support, Powerarchiver and Winzip have a chance to become of interest again.
Both archivers have an audience. They're not for free. So time will tell.
The open .zipx format was introduced with Winzip 12.1 and has wavpack, wzjpeg, newer ppmd and lzma on board.

From the 'What's New' list of Winzip 14.5:
Now Winzip features a:
'1-Click Unzip' option that automatically extracts the content of an archive to a folder it creates for you'.
Here, they took over a good idea from WinRAR.

There is one minor issue. For this and more, Winzip's new MS-Office like 'ribbon interface' has to be used.
What's not mentioned between the never modest claims, is found in the Help-file:
'The WinZip Ribbon is only available in Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later.'

An Office like ribbon in an archiver, was first introduced in Powerarchiver.
For those who like a wide ranging interface, it's a good option.
Powerarchiver notably supports .zip, .zipx, 7-zip's lzma, and compression to .iso.