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    Etincelle - new compression program


    I wish to offer to your scrutiny an early look to the first public release of etincelle, a new fast compression software, with some interesting compression ratio / speed properties.

    [Update] : latest version can be found at webpage :
    Latest version is RC2 :
    - improved speed and compression rate

    [Older versions]
    RC1 :
    - Default Dictionary 128MB
    - Better compression on binary files
    - Benchmark mode accepts large files

    beta 4 :
    - Long repetitions detection and support

    beta 3 :
    - major speed gains for files containing incompressible segments

    beta 2 :
    - small compression and speed gains
    - minor bugfix, on error message for insufficient memory

    Beta 1 :
    - selectable dictionary size (from 1MB to 3GB)

    Alpha 3 :
    - drag'n'drop interface support
    - benchmark mode support

    Alpha2 :
    - improved global speed
    - bugfix on decoding i/o

    Alpha1 version can be downloaded here :

    It gets close to 90MB/s on my system, while providing better compression than zip's best modes. An especially good use-case seems to be "Mail Archives", like outlook.pst files, which are plentyfull of identical attached files, thanks to etincelle's capability to find matches at larges distances (up to 1GB in this version).

    For your comments and evaluation. There are still features & controls i want to add, but main properties (speed and compression ratio) should be quite close to final results.

    Edit : Updated graphical comparison of fast compressors :

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