Well, I made my own timer to help me with some tasks

TimerBench 1.0 by M4ST3R

Usage: TimerBench [switches] program(s)

-n : Number of runs: Default=1, max=10
-p : Priority: 1=NORMAL (default) | 2=ABOVE_NORMAL | 3=HIGH
-b : Batch mode
-v : Verbose
-s : Generate sound when done
-u : Launch util.bat before each run
-f : Generate report file
-c : Colors for timing messages
-w : Warmup. Use this to try to put files in the cache

If the program needs arguments, use quotes
Batch files are accepted but priority can't be changed. Use -u as a workaround

TimerBench -p 3 myloop.exe: Measures myloop.exe at high priority
TimerBench -w -u -n5 "rar.exe a arc.rar dataset": 5 runs, launches util.bat before each run, 
with files put in the cache during the warmup
TimerBench -b "rar.exe a -m1 a1.rar dataset" "rar.exe a -m2 a2.rar dataset": Batch mode