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Thread: Best compression book references

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    Best compression book references

    What are the top 2 or 3 books to get about lossless data compression?
    This is likely a subjective opinion, but any suggestions are useful.
    It's not hard to get decent summaries of LZ77 LZ78, BWT, PPM, and so on,
    but quite often books don't give great details on these.

    For example, I'd love to read CHAPTERS on the techniques for making Huffman and artithmetic coding work efficiently.. what kind of tradeoffs can be made, things like precomputing decode tables for fast lookup (like gzip uses).

    I have Solomon's book, (it's OK but doesn't go into enough detail).
    I also have Sayood's which is even less detailed.

    I also have the BWT book which I like.

    What other books can you recommend for getting down into details and algorithms and strategies.. stuff that appeals to the actual coders/experimenters who are posting here?
    Asked another way, what 2 or 3 books have you liked the best?

    I know there's plenty online, too, but I'm looking for a book or two I can read on the bus or to get a different viewpoint.
    I'm not interested in lossy compression or images, just data compression.

    Any opinions on Moffat's book?

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    I didn't have much luck with such books either,
    though at least there're some more resources in russian

    Considering arithmetic coding, I'd like to suggest
    also (specialized implementations)
    and then, some of the more recent:

    Then, I'd like to recommend the text compression chapter
    It doesn't touch the coding part, but the modelling explanation
    is more advanced than anything i've seen in books.

    And there's also this:

    In fact, I hoped that there might be some interesting books
    on compression in japanese. Any suggestions?

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    The sad truth is that its hard to find any good technical books any more. I think so much money is made with crappy books that are full of errors that they have all but replaced all the good books. Your best bet is to search for free articles on the net you can stumble around and find good stuff every so often. I remember as a kid a teacher let me borrow a set of books translated from the Russian that was on mathematics I have never found or read any books on math that good since. I feel sorry for students today I looked at my nephews geometry book cost over one hundred dollars for school. It teaches almost nothing about geometry will be useless as a reference but has a lot of pretty colors.

    Its sad but he will know nothing about geometry when the class is over. And the fact is his teacher knows nothing about geometry either. But I am sure she knows about social justice and believes that a teacher does need to know anything about the subject to teach it. This is one reason America will not last much longer unless it wakes from its sleep

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    I red a lot of e-books and you should consider reading e-books about probality and statistics and especially about the information theory. I believe understanding Shannon and Kolmogorov will bring you further than copying existing algorithms from those compression-algorithm-bibles. At least the ones I red...

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