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Thread: Idea to make new site about data compression

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    Idea to make new site about data compression


    Recently I've been into website coding (and because of that, development of TarsaLZP is still paused). Right now I'm finishing some project (in PHP) for some financial advisor, but I want to make websites in Java (or more specific: I want to make money on Java). Currently I'm learning Apache Wicket framework and I read that Spring framework is a good addition to it. So I would write the site in that technologies.

    I have an idea to make site with following sections:
    - for developers: information about popular algorithms and implementation characterisitcs, thus helping developers to choose appropriate library to append to projects such as databases, data transmitters, XML compressor and so on,
    - for inventors: information about commonly used algorithms for example Huffman coding, BWT or CM, thus making it easier to develop new compression algorithm,
    - for enthusiasts: very general and simplified information about data compression, for example: why we can't create algorithm that losslessly compresses everything, what is multimedia compression, difference in block based compressors and stream based compressors and so on,
    - for my "fans": everything about TarsaLZP and my other compressors,

    Features I'm thinking of:
    - comments for articles,
    - RSS and ATOM feeds for new articles,
    - guestbook,
    - accounts (needed for writing comments without deciphering CAPTCHAs and providing some benefits for users, but not required),
    - benchmarks copies - gathering many benchmarks into one place (for example MOC,, BlackFox's benchmark) and present them in consistent way with use of JavaScript-powered tables (dynamic column hiding, searching in table cells, drawing graphs and so on),
    - blogs for developers - for example for encode, Shelwien or Francesco, so they can announce their new work, they can have their own syndicaters,
    - categorized links - with ability to edit for privileged users,
    - forum - encode's forum is popular already so I'll point there,

    That's what comes to my mind now. I've found a website template that I'll probablu use for start:

    How do you estimate popularity of such site? I wanna to place some ads on it (Google Adsense and maybe something else).

    And I will appreciate any suggestions of domain name. I'll probably buy some "dot com" domain, currently I'm thinking of

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    > How do you estimate popularity of such site?

    Well, you can just compare the number of people registered on this forum
    to forums on other topics, like doom9 or something.

    For another example, my might have a really noobish
    design, but imho it still has some useful content, and its PR is still 2
    and google analytics reports 100 visits in whole july
    Also, another recent project,, seems to be
    slightly more popular because of nanozip and benchmarks, but its PR is only 3,
    so I doubt that it would be of any use for advertising either.

    > And I will appreciate any suggestions of domain name.
    > I'll probably buy some "dot com" domain, currently I'm thinking
    > of

    I really prefer names which I can manually type in

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