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Thread: CCM, RZM , Slug and Blizzard ?

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    CCM, RZM , Slug and Blizzard ?

    New RZM, CCM.Slug and Blizzard releases delay to go out!
    Perhaps a project open source?
    Is Christian Martelock anticipated new release of your programs in this period or nothing for the future, an archiver for example?
    I hope that you make us know as soon as possible!
    Someone has adjourned news?
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    This is a short snippet from a PM communication dated may 2008.

    I don't plan to release RZM with a bigger dictionary. Instead I plan to write a stronger version of RZM with support for much bigger dictionaries - maybe I'll give it a different name. I have some very nice ideas to improve compression of RZM without touching decompression speed at all. But this may take a year - because atm, I'm swamped with work and I barely use my computer at home at all.

    Nonetheless I do have an old hacked version of RZM which effectively has a bigger dictionary than standard RZM. RZM's dictionary is '64MB' - but due to it's ROLZ nature RZM does never actually use 64MB. E.g. on ENWIK9 the used dictionary is between 4-8 MB. The hacked version doubles this size. Iirc, ENWIK9 improves from 210M -> 196M.

    The new version I'm planning will be able to use real 64M - so, it's very interesting to see how far an LZ algo can push ENWIK9.

    I haven't been able to contact him since and i really would liek to try the hacked version.
    anyway i hope to soon see something new from him

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