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Thread: PeaZip - open source archiver

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    PeaZip - open source archiver

    PeaZip 2.6.3

    # added support for MS Office Template file types (a total of 90 file extensions are now supported)
    # PeaLauncher:

    * fixed bug in exploring paths containing spaces
    * fixed bug in exploring paths in full mode (when PeaLauncher is used as standalone application)
    * standardized ok and cancel buttons' position and icons

    # Pea:

    * fixed bug refusing chunck size bigger than maxint from command line
    * fixed possible looping of application after internal_error procedure
    PeaZip 2.7.beta is the version being currently developed; no download is yet available for that release.

    2.7 line is focused to a major GUI update for the compression and extraction stages with a simpler, task oriented interface with a clear functional separated from the file browser, whithout losing the flexibility of composing job's layout from multiple sources and ability to toggle between browser and job definition mode as in previous versions of the program.

    In the 2.7 line will become possible to save/restore layouts also for extraction jobs (not only for compression) and to compress files/folders into individual archives from archive creation interface; it will be also possible (optionally) to open the output path after extraction/compression.

    FreeArc backend will be updated with new 0.51version, allowing to create ARC self-extracting archives, and PAQ/LPAQ will be superseeded by the new ZPAQ format which is more fleximble in terms of performance/compression ratio tradeoff and guarantee backwards compatibility that previos PAQ/LPAQ versions lacked (they will be still supported for extraction).
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    2009 12 03

    -(Windows 7) Fixed drag and drop on Windows 7
    -(Linux) Fixed a bug which on some circumstances crashed the application while opening an archive on startup
    -New navigation menu entry for Public documents for Windows Vista/7
    -New theme for providing a more intuitive and familiar look and feel to Windows users
    -New icons for databases, vector graphic, palette graphic, and icons/cursors
    -Improved password form's exception handling
    -Reset button to clear the search filter and refresh the file browser applying the non filtered non recoursive listing
    -Added "Recent archive" panel to status bar
    -Added "Explore path with PeaZip", "Explore path" and "Open command prompt here" entries to History and Recent panels' context menu

    Keyboard shortcuts:
    Ctrl+A becomes shortcut to "Select all"
    Ctrl+L becomes shortcut to "Extract all"
    Various minor updates and fixes

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