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    PAQ TestBed Set

    Here is the PAQ TestBed Set I've created some time ago. Basicly it was created for PAQ8px tests because I wanted to have a file which activates all PAQ8px models. Provided link leads to 7z archive which contains two files:
    TestBed.tar (15 580 672 bytes) and its smaller version called TestBed_Small.tar (9 910 784 bytes)

    Content of TestBed.tar is following:
    - 4 AIFF files based on principle: 1ch\8bit, 2ch\8bit, 1ch\16bit, 2ch\16bit
    - 4 WAV files based on same principle
    - 3 BMP files: 1\8\24bit
    - 2 JPEG files
    - 1 PBM file
    - 1 PGM file
    - 1 PPM file
    - 2 TGA files: both 24bit
    - 3 TIFF files: 1\8\24bit
    - 1 RAW CD image ripped from CD-RW with recorded enwik6
    - 2 files for DEFAULT model: background07.bsp (from HL2 game) and ntldr
    - 3 PE files (32bit): kernel32.dll, ntfs.sys and oggenc2.exe
    - 4 Modules: 2 MOD and 2 S3M files

    On my tests these testbeds proove themself to be a quite good consistency check. Also they're serve very well for time measurements. So maybe they will be somehow usefull for somebody.


    The download page is in Russian but don't worry. Just pass the Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) and press big green button.
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