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Thread: Precomp Help needed please

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    Angry Precomp Help needed please

    I am using precomp to compress a game data file but whenever i am compressing using it the size shuld increase but it remains the same i think i am not writing correct command so can anyone tell me wat command shuld i write to compress the data file

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    First of all. There is already existing PreComp thread here so it will be much better if you'll post there. Anyway. What version you're using, what command line and what's the game by the way? Also remember that PreComp is not guaranteed for all compressed files in the world.

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    Skymmer is right. The only thing you could try is to use Precomp in -slow mode, so instead of "precomp datafile", you enter "precomp -slow datafile" in the command-line. If this also doesn't work, there simply are no streams that Precomp could decompress. In this case, you get this message:

    None of the given compression and memory levels could be used.
    There will be no gain compressing the output file.
    Also see the Precomp FAQ for this ("I tried to compress a file precompressed with Precomp and it didn't get smaller.").
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