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Thread: Compression VS Money

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    Question Compression VS Money

    I assume many here are into file compression for the greater good more than money. But up to what ratio as the poll shows.
    Also to the extent how far you are willing to go to screw another as well if someone hired you to benefit from the idea.
    Kind of like how Xerox got screwed over by Apple, or Apple and others got screwed by MS, or the original created of FB got screwed over, The McDonald brothers got screwed over by McDonald, Nikola Tesla screwed over by JP Morgan, Etc. like most big corporations. So what would make you different it seems.
    Think about it for a few days before you answer.

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    Nikola Tesla worked for the Rothschilds with the understanding that they owned most of his work upon contingency for funding it. While Apple may have been screwed over by Microsoft surely, Xerox was not by either and had no patents nor expectations on what they made before Apple or Microsoft. Facebook was not stolen, but planned. It is the current generation of CIA project Lifelock which was immediately transitioned to "Facebook" in 2004. Only the initial look of the front end and a few basic functions were in question by the Winklevoss twins. The rest was and still partly is classified as Lifelock.

    It would seem people's understanding of events are rather skewed aka "mainstreamed" to not know this?

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