1 As I stated before all compression is random if people want to believe it or not. it just looks non random when dealing with it from another perspective. Cant find new ideas when stuck with the same methods and views.
2 But I dont think a programmers way of thinking can achieve it since they ignore point 1. Just like how an painter can not understand a programmer in how they perceive things. As the saying goes jack of all trades master of none. And if a person is a master in programming it is hard to understand various other persecutes since time and memory is limited.

3 If one wants to not revealed the code then might as well be anonymous as well.
4 If point 3 applies then you have to have a dead mans switch as stated become.

5 I assume if 2 people win the top prize the money will be split.
6 the top prize is not enough compared to what its worth since many companies from cloud storage are getting billions, but society is not progressing but at a stand still so it is a matter of profit & stagnation vs ethics & progress, which should be talked about but most wont understand. I assume most here seem to have ethics from the comments they say but maybe it might have a limit when higher price comes to play as it seems with this prize.

Agree or not its just another view.