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Thread: cfs/ciso - open container format - storage of DVD images and file sets

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    cfs/ciso - open container format - storage of DVD images and file sets

    ask to the forum-members:

    can this "free + open" container-format be
    a basic for a new compression-archiv-format ?

    --- ... saved as cfs_h.cpp ... saved as ciso_h.cpp
    sourcecode for a complete sample implementation
    CFS, Compact File Set

    Compact File Set (CFS) is an archive and software distribution container file format based on:

    * ISO-9660
    * Joliet Extensions
    * ISO-9660:1999 (single html file version)
    * Compact ISO

    Basic CFS files are compatible with ISO files, and can be read by many existing applications and systems.

    Why CFS instead of ISO?

    CD/DVD media can be written with UDF and/or ISO-9660, and with a number of different versions and extensions for each. Traditional ISO files are images of CD/DVD media, and inherit this large format variety.

    Because of the large format variety with ISO files, implementing read support for ISO files is difficult. Implementing modification support for ISO files is even more difficult. A few software applications specialize in modifying ISO images, but the format complexity make this too expensive for many applications.

    CFS limits the format variety to ISO-9660 with specific extensions, relaxations, and usage guidelines. It also defines the image file container format that is to be used to provide features such as compression, file splitting, and password protection. As compared to ISO files, CFS is intended to simplify the implementation and consistency of reading applications, and greatly simplify the implementation of modifying and writing applications.
    Compact ISO (CISO) is a CD/DVD image container format that allows efficient distribution and storage of CD/DVD images and file sets.

    CISO is an open format. It is available for use in free or commercial applications without charge. Free and commercial implementations of the needed compression and encryption algorithms are readily available. To our knowledge, no parts of the format are covered by patents.

    a filecompressor can analyze the structure of the container-format
    and select a optimal compression mode for each component ...

    that means:

    compression is

    - input for the compressor is a uncompressed cfs-file
    - output for the compressor is a compressed cfs-file

    i hope - we can have a little discussion ..

    best regards
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    Does the CISO format are capable to deal with CD\DVD topology to use it with protected mediums ?

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