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Thread: Transparent jpeg animation (not spam/joke!)

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    Cool Transparent jpeg animation (not spam/joke!)


    Well, I just created this account (just like a spammer/joker would do) so it definitely seems like a scam/joke...
    Except it's not...

    Basically it's just a container for the jpeg frames and their transparency (8 bit jpegs).
    It uses a circular buffer to decompress just the frames about to be displayed.
    This way it uses a lot less memory than, for example, a png animation.
    Therefore it starts a lot faster.

    The decompression of jpeg frames/transparency and the image resize functions are extremely fast (using MMX/SSE/AVX and multiple cores).
    On my ancient computer (Intel CPU Pentium(R) dual core E6600 3.06 GHz, 4 GB DDR2 RAM) I can play a 720p animation with 50+ fps.

    Some of you will say: it needs a lot of specialized code and therefore it cannot be used directly in browsers.
    Well, if you need speed and quality when decompressing the jpeg frames and/or resizing them
    ofcourse you'll need some specialized code for this...
    Fortunately this code works superfast on a lot of currently used CPUs.

    Most of the Delphi code is written by me.
    I used some code from other programmers to enhance the speed.
    Some of them are mentioned directly in text, some in About section.

    Why I worked for about 2 years on this: just for fun.

    So, if anybody wants to use this (or a part of it) in some projects/apps and/or wants to
    improve it or just wanna play with it, feel free to do so.

    Maker + Viewer binaries as installer:

    Maker source code:

    Viewer source code:

    Some cool ajpegs:
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    JNG (related to PNG) done this before but never got chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by maadjordan View Post
    JNG (related to PNG) done this before but never got chance
    If it is for internet use, you can currently do this with WebP. You may be able to do this with AVIF and JPEG XL soon.
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