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Thread: Transparent jpeg animation (not spam/joke!)

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    Cool Transparent jpeg animation (not spam/joke!)


    Well, I just created this account (just like a spammer/joker would do) so it definitely seems like a scam/joke...
    Except it's not...

    Basically it's just a container for the jpeg frames and their transparency (8 bit jpegs).
    It uses a circular buffer to decompress just the frames about to be displayed.
    This way it uses a lot less memory than, for example, a png animation.
    Therefore it starts a lot faster.

    The decompression of jpeg frames/transparency and the image resize functions are extremely fast (using MMX/SSE/AVX and multiple cores).
    On my ancient computer (Intel CPU Pentium(R) dual core E6600 3.06 GHz, 4 GB DDR2 RAM) I can play a 720p animation with 50+ fps.

    Some of you will say: it needs a lot of specialized code and therefore it cannot be used directly in browsers.
    Well, if you need speed and quality when decompressing the jpeg frames and/or resizing them
    ofcourse you'll need some specialized code for this...
    Fortunately this code works superfast on a lot of currently used CPUs.

    Most of the Delphi code is written by me.
    I used some code from other programmers to enhance the speed.
    Some of them are mentioned directly in text, some in About section.

    Why I worked for about 2 years on this: just for fun.

    So, if anybody wants to use this (or a part of it) in some projects/apps and/or wants to
    improve it or just wanna play with it, feel free to do so.

    Maker + Viewer binaries as installer:

    Maker source code:

    Viewer source code:

    Some cool ajpegs:
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