What happens if we could compress random data?

Well... firstly... you would have achieve the impossible. Given a string like "123456", it could decompress into almost infinite different files. So which file is the correct one?

What if we could always know the correct one?

By "Intuition".

What if the CPU somehow had "intuition" of what is the correct way to decode this?

We first need to simulate a version of reality (like a simulated world with people and objects and even computers simulated in it).

Then make a CPU that can "intuit" the right answers. This basically means looking up from a table, the "correct info", that is only available to a decompressor. Basically the random information isn't compressed, its just a lookup table. where we have:

Table[ "123456" + ":user 'Fred' expects to get his computer game decompressed" ] = FredsComputerGame

We run this information through the decompressor, but the user Fred doesn't actually know that the decompressor knows that he expects to get his computer game decompressed. All he knows is that he sent in the string "123456".

Its a stage-trick, basically. Illusions, that sort of show-magic.

Then the "Virtual character Fred" would be highly surprised to see the magical event occur, that this string "123456" was decompressed into his computer game.

Then we just need to keep this virtual character "Fred"'s mind, away from the fact that other people expect the same string to decompress differently So he believes it is really an amzing magical algorithm.

Then we have compressed and decompressed random data.

At least... for a virtual character in a simulated reality, who doesn't realise its just an illusion.

Perhaps it could be useful for to ease the minds of people who are going crazy trying to figure out how to compress random data, and can't handle reality.