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Thread: How many years do you deal with file compression?

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    How many years do you deal with file compression?

    How many years you deal with any thing related to file compression?
    Just trying to get a general idea since its hard to ask people how many hours.
    But their is a good and bad to now long and how intense you deal with it. Since sometimes you need a break to see other methods but also need to be on top of it 24/7 for weeks on end at times to find something since the more time you step away form a task the more you forget it and go back to the start sometimes.

    Some people wont say what they know and some people come here saying they have the best compression and never show up again. Strange. Maybe it is wise for people to keep to themselves if they do or not wise to flaunt it while not proving it.

    My opinion is many are taking the same road others took which is why many get close to the same results. It's ok to disagree everyone has their own experiences.

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    If we have "over 25" then ...
    "25" means up to 25 = 16..25
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    "5" means up to 5 = 2..5
    "1" means up to 1 = 0..1

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