It seems like many in the US don't know about that religion despite it was the first christian religion with the first churches and they put together the new testament bible but don't rely on it since Christ did not come to make the bible but apostolic succession to make the Church.

The Catholic Churches pope goes directly against what Christ said that everyone is equal and no one above the other yet the pope is presented as above the rest. About every crusade was against the Orthodox church which stole a lot of thing which the previous pope said he was sorry for that but wont give anything bad which is a hollow apology. Which the Ottomans Turks saw their opportunity of a weakened county and invaded which helped the catholic church be the main power to preach.

The protestant sects that spin off the Catholic church interoperates the bible as they see fit and as the world of God despite the Orthodox church has more resources than the bible and they also go against what Christ says since they have no apostolic succession and everyone has their own interest that present it and miss the point.

No one is saved automatically to just believe and salvation come from doing the right thing.

A sin means to miss the mark to fail and to love sin is to love failure, which is not right. To be better and not stagnate and rot. In short its something to make yourself better.

A Christian majority nations are places that most in the world want to go to. When that does not exist every nation will be one big prison.