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Thread: See object behind another object in image

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    See object behind another object in image

    Maybe irrelevant question, but...
    It´s possible to see particular object behind another in image by using advanced algorithms? If not, what do you think in the near future, it would be possible some day? I´m just asking...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Obviously extracting non-existent information is impossible.
    We can extrapolate from visible edges etc, but results would be frequently incorrect.!

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    that page has multiple issues to deal with.
    It's hard enough to extract/convert text that is presented clearly in a picture let alone not clearly.
    If their is no money to be made or a passion for it no one will invest time in it.

    No one can even make a simple program to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Most programs that make panorama distort the image to a degree and not not handle pixel art that is obvious. It almost seems like everyone wants to make the same programs as the other since people like to make what the other did better than make something original.

    But I think if someone wants to try it then it takes time for a program to scan it many times with many color variations and curves to spot some letters at every square. The word "THE" is kind of clear on the maybe. the rest are smaller fonts which get blurred.

    Every assumed letter has to be adjusted to get proper results and stores and then compared with a dictionary to find a match. If the human eye can not detect a hint of a letter which not likely a computer will.
    Maybe the best algorithm would be to quickly flicker multiple color variation combination and have the computer try to detect every square to match with a letter. compare it with other letters that you know that are behind a papers and see if it gets some match. But in the end i dont see it done with your example. maybe a perfectly new paper.

    The details must be first increased which another program is required, the bumps on the paper dont help. If you have a secret message on that no one will get it ever.

    Art programs have more options to to distort images than make them better. lol

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