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Thread: Linus Torvalds chose AMD Threadripper 3970X

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    Linus Torvalds chose AMD Threadripper 3970X
    ​Sorry, in Russian.

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    Yes, but he just wanted more threads.

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    AMD was for years mostly better based off price/performance.
    It is like why pay a billion for something that gives 1% better gain while the other is a dollar for 1% less than the others. You can buy more AMD cpu to out perform Intel. Its just that Intel has better marketing. AMD just does not get it since they are bad at presentation and i dont even understand their order and always reference Intel as a benchmark for performance. Big game companies got it and used AMD for a while now.
    So in short a million dollars of AMD cpu can beat a million dollars worth of Intel CPU.
    But to be fair 15 years is a long time.

    Also linux still sucks which will remain at 2% popularity since they just don't get it, and can not give it away for free no matter how many types they have. Its mainly a hobby os and not fit to use for the people which makes it pointless despite more powerful. Android is better since designers took over. Which goes to show never hire a translator to write novels, just like never hire a programmer as a designer. Progress is slowed down since one profession insist on doing other professionals work.

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