IDA Evaluation Version 7.4.191125 for Windows; source:

The evaluation version has the following limitations

it supports only the 80x86 family : IDA supports a large number of other processors.
it will load only files of PE/ELF/Macho-O formats. The full version of IDA will accept virtually any file, from Atmel ROMs to iPhone executables. See our disassembly gallery for information about the additional processors, operating systems and file formats we support.
the only compiler signatures included are the ones that can be used to produce Windows 32 PE files; the only type information included is for Visual C++ 6 and Borland C++ Builder.
The MS Windows version contains a demo version of the Bochs debugger. Please note that the full version support Bochs debugger on all platforms.
Check the debugger tutorial
you will not be able to save your work, it will time out after some use, it will not disassemble itself.
IDAPython, the set of powerful Python bindings for IDA is not available.
The demo version of IDA comes with the x64 decompiler.