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    Just uploading this little gem before it is lost on the internet

    DeflOpt V2.07
    ***                 DeflOpt V2.07                 ***
    ***       Built on Wed Sep  5 18:56:30 2007       ***
    ***  Copyright (C) 2003-2007 by Ben Jos Walbeehm  ***
      DeflOpt tries to reduce the size of GZIP (extensions .gz and .tgz), PNG, and
      ZIP files. Regardless of which programs/settings were used to create them,
      DeflOpt will usually be able to reduce these files by at least a few bytes.
      [options] <filespec> [<filespec> [<filespec> ...]]
    Available options:
      /a: Scans all files that match the specifications to determine whether they
          are in a supported format (GZIP, PNG, ZIP), regardless of extensions.
      /b: Replaces files also when no bytes, but more than zero bits were saved.
      /d: Preserves the date and time of files it rewrites.
      /c: Comments in GZIP and ZIP files are kept. By default, these are removed.
      /f: Forces every file to be rewritten, even when no bits/bytes were saved.
      /k: Keeps all chunks/structures within files, even the mostly useless ones.
      /r: Recursively go through all subdirectories.
      /s: Silent mode. Nothing is displayed except in case of errors.
      /v: Verbose output.
    Notes (for more detailed information, see DeflOpt.txt):
    - Options may be specified using both slashes ("/") and dashes ("-").
    - Wildcards * and ? are allowed, including in directory names.
    - For directories, all GZIP, PNG, and ZIP files in those directories are
    - If <filespec> has no extension, .gz, .tgz, .png, and .zip are used, unless
      the /a option is specified -- in that case, DeflOpt will scan every file to
      determine the format and process every file accordingly.
    - DeflOpt will NOT process GZIP, PNG, and ZIP files WITHIN (G)ZIP files.
    - By default, DeflOpt rewrites a file only when it can reduce the number of
      bytes of that file. It is possible that DeflOpt makes the deflated data
      one or more bits shorter but that this does not make the size in bytes less.
      Use the /b option to have DeflOpt rewrite files also when it can only
      save one or more bits but no actual bytes.
      DeflOpt /r *.zip abc*.png
      DeflOpt -K "C:\Documents and Settings\Ben Jos\My Documents\My Pictures"
      DeflOpt ..\..\stuff -b/c/k /FrS
      DeflOpt /adr C:\Prog* /f
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