IO games or .IO games are real-time multiplayer games, easily identified by the .io domain name (the top-level national domain of the British Indian Ocean Territory - The British Indian Ocean Territory ). Initially, these games were only developed for the web (webgame), but with a boom, game makers have put them on mobile platforms so that players can experience them anytime and anywhere. I will take a few examples for this development: Diep io tank and Chompers games free

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Game IO is entertaining, light and fun, but equally deep. Players need to have the tactics and patience to win online multiplayer battles and dominate the arena and rankings. So we are developing these .io games for everyone to turn these simple games back into their place. We created websites with thousands of .io games called GamesBX
Along with the advancement of science GamesBX offers a wide range of smart games with the form of .io games, suitable for all ages because it is very user friendly, especially very easy to use with the Simple protocol to use directly on the browser. No download time, especially no charge, as it is completely free to play.
GamesBX's game store is updated daily with the latest BX games, with a modern interface and a lot of different titles. Includes interactive multiplayer games such as war, action, shooting ...; or strategy games with real time, puzzles, adventure ... and many other things for free.
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