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Thread: I´m looking for the most durable notebook with high performance

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    I´m looking for the most durable notebook with high performance

    I´d like to ask which NB is the most durable as of 2019 and also with high performance.
    I have now Acer Aspire 5750g as of 2011 and I need to replace it because of serious issues - low HDD space (also my 1TB external HDD is full with movies, games etc - hence I´m here), broken power adapter, poor battery condition (10% of original capacity!), slow speed (30 minutes from full shutdown to startup), physically broken parts, etc.

    My requierements:

    1.very good durability - specifically, new NB should works perfectly (not performance side, I´m takling about material durability, quality and so on) for 15 years and longer. Most metal parts, not plastic. Of course, it´s not only about performance, it´s about technology progress - for example Vista was the first OS without direct DOS compatibilityOh, wrong step...
    2.very good performance - for playing games but not today highlights - GTA SA, FarCry1, Need For Speed 2 and some DOS.
    3.without OS - I have Windows 7 PRO full license
    4.good connectivity - HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, VGA, SD card reader, CD/DVD/RW, matte display, etc
    5.Caps + NumLock on/off light
    6.a lot of RAM DDR4 (or3), 5/10 TB HDD...

    HP EliteBooks or ProBooks I think... Lenovo, ehm, I have lenovo A-2010 and it´s not possible to shutdown it - broken ON button.

    For example panasonic toughbook, but it´s very expensive - extreme example. I thought about it, but "these are not your everyday laptops!"
    At school where I am working as a system admin, we have (among many others) HP ProBook 4330s from 2012 and it is still very good in term of durability i.e. display still opens smoothly.
    Remember, I don´t want compromises - NB should be the most durable yet super fast (for everyday use - app developing, watching movies, not for playing high-end games, video rendering...)

    I know that things made in today aren´t very durable - planning obsolescense - use and discard when warranty ends

    Many thanks.
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