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Thread: Test files to compress

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    Lightbulb Test files to compress

    Hello, I built a lossless compressor. I want an incompressible file and a hefty price gift to test it.

    NOTE: I cannot and will not post or send my algorithm unless you or someone is willing to buy. When you send it and My almighty Algorithm has successfully compress your file, I can post a video of the program in action, before and after compressing and decoding. Or do video call conference together with witnesses that want to join in the conference call either through zoom/Skype. After you and the witnesses confirmed it, you can send in my hefty hefty price gift.

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    You can use SHARND or AMillionRandomDigits.bin/txt

    Or you can use some PRNG or any encrypted or already compressed data...

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    You can compress "compressed_enwik8" in to win .
    But testing doesn't work via video. You can patent your algorithm or get the tester to sign NDA, but nobody would believe your video.

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