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Thread: gzip vs zlib; benchmarking considerations

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    gzip vs zlib; benchmarking considerations

    Hi all – The Large Text Compression Benchmark led me down a winding road on tracking down the canonical gzip and zlib applications. The LTCB uses an ancient version of gzip for Windows, which is almost certainly slower than current zlib for generating gzip files, and probably slower than GNU gzip. The gzip for Windows in the LTCB was released in 2006 or possibly earlier. Using that old build is therefore misleading with respect to how gzip or zlib actually performs compared to other codecs.

    If you want to include gzip or zlib in your benchmarks, these are the relevant websites:

    GNU gzip:


    As you know, zlib is generally used to generate gzip files, typically on web servers. zlib can also generate a zlib file format, but no one seems interested in it (is it another DEFLATE wrapper?), since browsers consume gzip.

    zlib is a library used for streaming applications, like the above mentioned web servers (nginx, Apache, IIS, H2O).

    GNU gzip is an end-user application included in most Linux and BSD distributions for compressing files as needed. (Is it called by other applications?) They have three different websites, as listed above.

    It might be worth including both in benchmarks (the latest versions).

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