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Thread: dec2bin converter for Nelson's million-digits file

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    dec2bin converter for Nelson's million-digits file
    1,440,000 digits.txt
    1,000,000 digits1.txt
      415,241 AMillionRandomDigits.bin
    digits.txt is the original file:
    digits1.txt is the stripped version without line numbers and spaces.
    AMillionRandomDigits.bin is the result of digits1.txt conversion to binary as a single long decimal number.

    This dec2bin conversion always seemed trivial, but yesterday somebody reminded me that we actually don't have an easy to use utility to do that,
    and in fact never even tried to verify the claim that digits.bin is a lossless representation of digits.txt.

    Well, now I made tools for digits->digits1->digits.bin conversion (both forward and backward) and verified that it works.

    The point of this is that compressing digits.bin as is is a futile project,
    while digits.txt has 50 bits of _known_ redundancy (column parity),
    so there can be more.

    Archive includes sources of both utilities and binaries both for windows and linux.
    Sources can be compiled on linux by running "sh g" in source directory.
    Unfortunately dec2bin utility only can be built for x64 atm, because of __int128 usage.

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