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Thread: Has compression recently improved a lot more?

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    Has compression recently improved a lot more?

    I have plotted the following graph of the best compressors on Matt's site:-

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was unable to incorporate dates into the x axis, so it's not to scale. But by inspection, there seems to be a downwards kink at the right hand side. Is this simply bad graph work on my part, or has anyone noticed an increase in the incremental improvement between recent algorithms?

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    Yes. Practical compression has improved with Woff 2.0 (unknown to people here, but its launch was the only internet payload size drop ever recorded on, brotli and zstd. Super light byte-based compression has been sped up during recent years. Media compression benefits from simd and multi-core. Alex won another Hutter prize last year. Neural compression research is emerging. Traditional impractically slow research compression has made a lot of progress.

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