Why do people see only C++ and then if it become too much, jump into another, completely different (but still) junk? How about C ? Its so much better, simpler, quicker and you can do pretty much anything with it. In fact I find it simpler than most scripting languages. Lua is a garbage, anything of bigger project and you loose track of what is what, because in Lua anything can be anything. I really tried hard but just cannot stand it. Also tried to hack ng ntop app code once because its developer did one absolutely stupid decision since original ntop, but I just kept getting lost in it precisely because of Lua - even after weeks. But I was able to understand lz4 code within 1-2 days, without IDE. I couldn't even understand my own C++ I wrote 10y ago so quick and I write very clean.

So my experience after 20y is that Linus was right. C++ is outright stupid, Lua and pretty much all the rest of the scripting world is a junk I cannot stand, an excuse to C++ while ignoring C which is in fact simple enough to be either script(as a syntax) or full language and feel most natural and logical(to me). OO programing in general as it is today is an atrocity, "private" keyword inside C structure was all that was needed really if you needed that encapsulation, plus single generics - aka vector<> and/or 1-2 more and you really have all you need. There is a reason why Go is becoming popular, they tried hard to make that "next gen simple but advanced C" and for a reason, but IMO failed badly in many areas.

BTW assuming Pascal is in fact meant "Delphi" in these modern times as many here and on fileforums use, I hold same opinion about it as I do about C++. Plus I totally hate its syntax but thats just my subjective opinion. There is still a lot that could be improved in C, but it does seem to me the best compromise. The only other thing useful would be JIT + multiplatform runtime like java, but with exact same C syntax and without crime atrocities of Java(aka OO).

(sorry for rant, I needed to vent and feel better now)