Hi all,

This work by Abdelfattah, Hagiescu, and Singh is interesting: http://www.eecg.toronto.edu/~mohamed/iwocl14.pdf

They're 8x faster than Intel's optimized, vectorized CPU-based gzip, and achieve a slightly better compression ratio. The paper has lots of nice detail.

I don't know why people still mess around with – or introduce – slow, CPU-based codecs. At this point in history, compression codecs should be GPU-accelerated at a minimum, or FPGA and ASIC for widely used compression formats, like whatever we use on the web in a given decade. Same with image formats – there's no point in CPU-only formats. All new image formats should be designed for GPUs (e.g. OpenCL, a good cross-platform format). They'll be faster, better compressed, and save energy.