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    ms cab recompression

    Edit 2018-10-24
    Uploaded new binary:
    - Some bug fixes, should be a lot more stable now
    - "light" support for cabs that mix lxz and other compression types: the unsupported types are now simply copied instead of crashing the program.
    - readme file

    Edit 2018-06-06:
    Uploaded new binary, no new features, just compiled differently to be faster and to include most of the dependencies.


    I just finished a first experimental version of a ms cab recompressor. It only has some limited functionality but maybe it is already useful for someone. Althoug you should not trust on it being reliable or stable, though.

    I planned to do it somewhat different at first, but then I decided on using the ms cab libs to easily achieve small recompression info size for most of the files.

    - It handles files with lzx compression only.
    - It is pretty slow because it is a debug build for keeping the assertions. And it misses a lot of optimizations
    - x86-64
    - Windows only, sorry (uses windows libraries for compression).

    TODOs (unordered):
    - support for mszip
    - support for quantum compression
    - support for multi file archives
    - probably bugfixes
    - recursion
    - scanning for cab signatures in bigger files (tar for example)
    - Maybe linux support. Will probably increase recompression info file size, though.
    - Efficient handling of files compressed by third-party cab/lzx compressors
    - smaller recomp info size?
    - your suggestion here

    I am pretty unsure about the decompression output. Right now it extracts all recompressible files to a given directory so their file type can be detected easily for further (re)compression. But maybe something else would be more useful?

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