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Thread: "Open" texture compression

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    "Open" texture compression

    Hi guys, I was playing with texture compression (it is an image compression, which allows reading the pixel at [X,Y] without decompressing the whole image).

    Today, such compression is usually prerformed using libraries from nVidia or ATI. The decompression is preformed in the OpenGL / DirectX environment by the firmware and drivers, which also come from GPU manufacturers. So real users never need to care about it too much.

    I made this tiny library , which supports most common compression methods (BC1, BC2, BC3, BC7 and ATC). It can be used as a guide for implementing these compressions in other languages. Also, I believe I am the first person, who publicly described the ATC compression.

    The UTEX library is used in , where you can convert pretty much "anything" into a texture, or a texture into anything. If anybody wants to join me and implement some other methods, I would be very glad

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