I realized that its quite a challenge to resample / resize images for corpus creation suitable for data compression as seen here . I though it would be great if experts as well could share their resampling techniques so as to create high quality resize images.
The aim is to create a resized image with highest fidelity to the original image and thus image filesize is NOT important here.

Original Test Image : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...1670u_edit.jpg
Test Image Details: This is a high quality JPEG that is used in Xiph test corpus
Desired dimensions : 1170x883
Software: ImageMagick
Whats not allowed : Anything that will will give smaller filesize at the expense of quality(e.g Chroma Sampling)


Why not just crop ?

Sometimes the whole image with all the finer details is needed and this strategy doesn't scale.

Why limit to ImageMagick ?

ImageMagick is one the most popular and widely used image manipulation software with good multi processing and is cross platform.Repositories are available for all major OSes with good support.As a result it will be simpler for everyone to replicate the results.

I would request experts and enthusiasts alike to participate and share their resized image and the command they used to create them.

Here is my attempt:

convert mural_orig.jpg -filter Catrom -resize 1169x882 -unsharp 0x1+1+0.05 mural_khavishv2.png
View Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_s...ew?usp=sharing