Hi all,

Apple developed a new image format based on the HEVC video codec, and is introducing it to iPhones. It's supposed to produce images that are half the size of equivalent JPEGs. Notably, it's an image acquisition format (like JPEG-XR was intended to be), not just a conversion target like webp – i.e. when people take photos with their iPhones, the photo will be created/stored as a HEIF image from the very outset, and only converted to JPEG when necessary for sharing, etc.

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Since it's based on HEVC, it invites comparisons to Fabrice Bellard's new BPG format, which is based on HEVC's Still Picture Profile. I wonder how similar the formats are.

It should be better than webp and JPEG-XR, so I wonder what the licensing and patent challenges will be. HEVC seems like a patent mess to me.