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Thread: LZ77 with 12 bit hash table: what I do wrong?

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    Question LZ77 with 12 bit hash table: what I do wrong?

    Here's an algorithm for LZ77 compression. function LZ4_compress_generic in lz4.c uses such algorithm:
    U32 calcHash(U32 s) { return s*2654435761U >> 20; }

    function compress(char* source, char* dest, int source_size)
    { Fill in hash_table[4096] with 0xFFFFFFFF;

    // Main loop
    while (rest of source_size > 3)
    { hash=calcHash(U32 *source);
    if (hash_table[hash] == 0xFFFFFFFF) || (source-hash_table(hash) > 65535) || (U32 *source != U32 *hash_table[hash])
    { hash_table[hash]=source++;
    Calculating additional number of matched bytes both from left and right of source:
    match_num=number of total matched bytes
    Coding llllmmmm oooooooo oooooooo [l]...[l] [literals] [m]...[m]:

    hash_table[calcHash(U32 *(source-2)]=source-2;


    lz4 on level=1 shows compression ratio of enwik8 ~ 53%. But if I run my code similar to the above algorithm, it shows ratio = 56.9%.
    My code shows ratio ~ 53% if size of hash_table = 32768 cells. What I do wrong?

    Thanks for your patience.
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