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    This is a standalone port of Jan Ondrus' jpeg model from paq8px.

    - about 2x faster and compresses a little better than paq8px (likely due to paq main model producing bad predictions for huffman data).
    - proper encapsulation (possible to use multiple instances at once, eg. for MT)
    - no dynamic memory allocation

    This version includes mpais' patch for subsampling and some changes for gcc compatibility ("using" directives etc).
    Still needs -fpermissive to compile.
    As usual, gcc can't parse templates and skips explicit alignment attributes with #pragma pack(1) set.
    Also, had to disable train() inlining - worked incorrectly otherwise.
    Works with up to gcc 6.3 like this, doesn't work with gcc7+ (crash).
    842,468 A10.jpg
    637,228 A10.jpg.jojpeg1
    637,228 A10.jpg.jojpeg2
    637,664 A10.jpg.paq8px75
    637,664 A10.jpg.paq8px76
    296,553 A10_4x2.jpg
    240,443 A10_4x2.jpg.jojpeg1
    229,610 A10_4x2.jpg.jojpeg2
    240,607 A10_4x2.jpg.paq8px75
    229,679 A10_4x2.jpg.paq8px76

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