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Thread: Vector quantization - applications, improvements, trends?

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    Vector quantization - applications, improvements, trends?

    I would like to start a general thread about vector quantization, which seems a promising direction especially for multimedia compression.

    I know it is already used in Opus audio codec and is considered for AV1 video coded - any other compressors using it?
    A natural approach is PVQ (Pyramidal/Perceptual Vector Quantization - nice introduction: ) - any other promising approaches?

    I have recently taken a closer look at PVQ and was able to reduce its mean-square error (MSE) usually by more than 10% thanks to replacing its projection with a more tunable one:
    Any other interesting improvements?

    And generally - do you think vector quantization is indeed a promising direction?
    For multimedia only or also for other types of data? Which ones?

    update: discussion with Jean-Marc Valin:
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