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Thread: Faster compression?

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    Question Faster compression?

    Hey everyone, First thank you for the awesome Freearc tool - just discovered it as i have been a rar dude for years. Anyway i do have a question and i hope someone can help me - mr newbie in Freearc compression? arc a --dirs -m1 -lc8 -ep1 -ed -r -w.\gummybears -mprecomp:v+srep+lzma:a1:mfbt4:d256m:fb128:mc1000:l c8 Is my .bat file and it works just fine, but is slower than slow - other compression tools do it like 10 times faster What can i do to speed my packages up? Regards

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    I don't have any experience with FreeArc specifically, but since nobody else is answering…

    Compression is largely about trade-offs. To get a better compression ratio you generally need to sacrifice something else; compression speed, decompression speed, or memory usage.

    Different codecs make different trade-offs. LZ4 and Snappy are very fast, but they don't compress all that well. ZPAQ and LZMA are pretty slow, but they tend to compress data much better. Brotli and LZHAM compress well (roughly similar to LZMA) and decompress pretty quickly, but compression is generally slow. Even within a codec you are often offered different options with different performance characteristics, but there isn't a magical "go fast" switch you can flip to speed a codec up… if you want speed, you're going to have to sacrifice something.

    There are lots of great benchmarks floating around, I suggest you use them to look for something which has trade-offs closest to what you want. If you want to stick with FreeArc (it's a very good tool), just keep in mind that options which make the output smaller probably mean either slower compression or increased memory usage (or both) and set them accordingly.

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    Its possible to make lzma faster here by reducing d (you don't need that much with srep), fb, mc param values.
    But the slow part here is likely precomp in your case - try running standalone precomp and see if you can tweak its params to make it fast enough.

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    why don't use this precompressor v2)
    by RAZOR12911
    really fast, especially if u have a ssd
    and also detect deflate streams

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