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Thread: Big ending on little ending cpu

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    Question Big endian on little endian cpu


    I have following problem on a little endian cpu:

    I have ranges of Uint saved in little endian and several millions of numbers Uint saved in big endian. Now I want to know if these numbers are matching into the ranges. Is there a more performant way to do this except converting each number into little endian and then compare?

    E.g. Converting the limits of the ranges in some format which can be used to compare with the big ending number? So that the conversation during the test if the big endian number is inside the range limits can be saved?

    Thx in advance
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    I'm sure that you *could* do it by defining a series of ranges in little endian that would serve as the same filter as the range in big endian. But I would think that this would be a much larger performance hit than simply converting the big endian numbers into little endian once. Converting several million big endian integers to little endian should have a virtually immeasurable impact on performance.

    You could also store the big endian data in contiguous memory and then simply reverse the data. That would give you the big endian values in little endian format but in reverse order of occurrence, no?

    something like:
    std::vector<int32_t> bigEndianValues;
    std::reverse((int8_t *), (int8_t *) * sizeof(int32_t) * bigEndianValues.size());

    But that's probably no faster than doing:

    for (auto & e : bigEndianValues)
    e = ntohl(e);

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