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Thread: Even (somewhat) faster Suffix Sorting

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    Even (somewhat) faster Suffix Sorting


    I've played around a little and replaced libdivsufsort's trsort with basically radixSA
    (I actually use boost's spreadsort, std::sort and insertion sort instead of radix sort).
    Memory requirements should stay the same.

    Runtimes reported by suftest on my machine (i7 4770K, 16 GB RAM):
    File   | orginal    | modified
    enwik8 |   8.1600 s |  7.8960 s
    enwik9 | 105.0930 s | 95.5340 s
    This is without OpenMP. OpenMP speeds up the unmodified sssort so the changes are a bit more significant:
    File   | orginal    | modified
    enwik8 |   6.1880 s |  5.9630 s
    enwik9 |  83.1580 s | 74.6800 s
    Source code can be found at
    Main changes are in lib/spsort.cpp.

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