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Thread: Testing for open-sources libraries on POWER8

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    Testing for open-sources libraries on POWER8

    Thanks to IBM and OSU's OSL, I've been given access to an OpenStack install running on POWER8 machines for porting and optimizing compression codecs for Squash. If you are working on a compression library with a Squash plug-in, I can provide access to a VM (either LE or BE) so you can port or optimize your library.

    If you are working on an open-source compression library which *doesn't* have a Squash plugin, I think we can still work something out, but projects with a plugin will definitely have priority. If you have a proprietary library, sorry.

    They have granted me enough resources that next time I run the Squash Compression Benchmark I should be able to include a run on POWER8, so if you want to make a good showing there it may be advantageous to poke around a bit and see if you can do anything to smooth out any inefficiencies.

    I'm also working on setting up Jenkins for CI testing (building and testing every commit) of Squash on both little- and big-endian VMs. For projects with a Squash plugin I think I can justify adding a similar setup for your project if you'd like.

    On a related note, if you don't have any CI set up already I'm also willing to help set something up for x86 builds on Travis (Linux and OS X) and/or AppVeyor (Windows).

    If you're interested, it would be great if you could drop by #squash on freenode (for those of you who aren't comfortable with IRC, you can use Freenode's web chat client, or Mibbit) so we can talk. I don't want to use too many of their resources, so I'd like to only spin up instances as necessary instead of having them idle constantly, which means I'd appreciate it if you could let me know on IRC when to start/stop the VMs.

    Obviously, you'll need to promise not to abuse this. Basically, no using the VMs for anything other than working on open-source compression libraries, and definitely don't do anything to ruin this for the rest of us

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